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PatsFans.com is a free forum, and will always be a free forum. It is run with the intent of providing fans with a place to come and talk football, where you can spend time with fellow Patriots fans who are obviously here with a common interest. Over the past 9-years years we've experienced tremendous growth, which has seen several server and software upgrades to keep this place growing strong as the number of fans who use this forum continues to increase. During that time I've received many requests from fans who wished to donate to support our endeavor, and up until now haven't made that option available. Following the new server upgrades, I'm now making that option available for those who want to help with the increased cost of this site.

For anyone who wants to, we're accepting a maximum yearly donation of $18.00 ($1.50 per month). There are two major benefits. Once you donate and your account is upgraded, the board is advertisement-free upon your login during your tenure as a “PatsFans.com Supporter” and will hopefully make your user experience even easier. We’re also pleased to announce that we have partnered with the PatriotsProShop, the official store of the New England Patriots, and as a “thank you” for your donation you will receive a free New England Patriots T-Shirt from the Pro Shop. You will also save 15% off on EVERY purchase you make from PatriotsProShop.com for the ENTIRE YEAR. They’ve decided to help me come up with a way to give back to all of you for your support, so now you’ll receive a free gift along with the following additional benefits to your account.

You'll be upgraded to "VIP Status" and will be listed as a PatsFans.com Supporter. You'll have access to a "VIP Patriots Forum" which contains our "NFL News Rooms" where you'll always be able to find the latest news on all 32 NFL teams from their local media, along with access to other news sources. 1000 Private Message Storage (Current Limit is 100) You'll be able to Create Your Own Custom User Title. You'll have the ability to Delete your Own Threads/Posts without asking a moderator. Have a bunch of friends here? You'll now be able to send 10 Maximum Recipients via PMs at a time (current limit is 5) Your profile picture limit will be increased to 200x200 (currently 100x100)* You can Upload an Animated Avatar or Profile Picture* Your custom Avatar Size will be increased to 120x120 (currently 80x80)* Your signature size increased to 500x150* You'll receive access to Premium Games (31 Total) in the Arcade.

*These will be reviewed and moderators reserve the right to remove based on content.


For Tax reasons you'll be donating to "I&K Internet Design Enterprises, LLC". and we are using PayPal as the payment processor. If you have a PayPal account, great, but you don’t need one to donate. You can still simply use a credit card by clicking the "Order Using PayPal" button, and then clicking the link at the bottom where it says, "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card" You'll then be able to enter your information and checkout the same way you would using a normal shopping cart system.


This donation is set up as a recurring subscription through the messageboard software. If you wish to cancel and not have it renew, simply let me (Ian) know via PM and I will cancel it before it renews. When the year is up your account permissions will simply revert back to the same as a normal free registration. If you want to renew at that point, simply donate again.


Please Click Here and fill in your formation:

Mailing Address (No P.O. Boxes)
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HOW DO I SAVE 15% OFF AT PatriotsProShop.com?

Make your selections on their website, and then when you've selected what, you simply call them to place your order. Tell them you're a "PatsFans.com Premium Member" and give them your name, and they will apply the 15% off discount at that point. (Your name will be on their system as this is ONLY for fans from our site which will be specific to your individual account only).  This means that all orders placed against that code simply must contain your information in the “Bill To:” area which obviously will match your payment information.  However, you’ll be able to ship gifts to friends and loved ones, and your coupon code will be good for one calendar year.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated, and unfortunately due to the current state of internet advertising is even more important. 

It's really simple. If you want to donate, I appreciate it but I refuse to let you do it without getting something back in return. Now you'll receive a free gift for helping out, and you'll save money each time you purchase anything from the PatriotsProShop.  For those of you who don't wish to contribute, not to worry. Simply go back to the forum and continue to be a valuable part of our community. The support all of you have given over the years along with all the kind words have made running this site incredibly enjoyable, and I've just been very lucky to have gotten the chance to get to know all of you. This place would be nothing without all of you, and I'm very glad all of you have picked here to spend your time. Hopefully we'll be able to keep this going for years to come!

Thanks again,

Ian Logue

If you'd like to donate

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